Sierra Towers Sunset View West Hollywood

Sierra Towers West Hollywood condos building, located near the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, has for decades been considered the premier residential tower in Los Angeles. The 31-story building is by far the tallest residential property in the area. Its sweeping views of the L.A. basin and other amenities have long been a magnet for celebrities and other deep-pocketed buyers.

Located at 9255 Doheny Road in West Hollywood at the base of the Hollywood Hills, Sierra Towers opened in 1965 as an apartment building and was later switched to condominiums. Past and present well-known residents of the luxurious Sierra Towers includes Matthew Perry, Cher, Elton John, Lindsay Lohan, Evander Holyfield and many others.

Sierra Towers consists of 146 units and typically a handful will go on the market each year. There are one-, two- and three-bedroom condos to choose from that feature true floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition to its panoramic views and prime location, Sierra Towers offers a 24-hour valet, concierge service, gym, pool and sundeck, and many other amenities.

In 2011, 10 units at Sierra Towers sold for an average price of $2.1 million, which equates to about $1,080 a square foot. While those numbers were up slightly from the previous year, they remain well-below the figures from prior to the last recession. Before the housing meltdown in 2008, units at Sierra Towers were bringing more than $2,000 a square foot.

Sierra Towers has had something of a colorful history since its development in the mid-1960’s at a cost of $12 million. It was designed by architect Jack A. Charney, a renowned building designer who studied under some of the most prolific architects of the time.

According to online sources, the tower created something of a furor among Beverly Hills residents upon its completion because of its imposing height. In response, Los Angeles County simply annexed the land from Beverly Hills and made the building part of West Hollywood.
Sierra Towers is unique because it stands more than 15 stories higher than any other building within a two-mile radius, according to its Wikipedia entry. It will continue to hold that distinction in the foreseeable future because current zoning restrictions make it virtually impossible to construct such a tower in West Hollywood.

Charney discussed his vision of Sierra Towers with the Los Angles Times in 1965. He said the design of the building was intended “to take maximum advantage of views of city, mountains and ocean.” That was the case then and remains so today.

Sierra Towers has long been a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and other high-profile residents because of the sense of community it fosters, the Hollywood Reporter noted last year in it’s profile of the property.

“A-listers are friendly in the hallways, quick to offer a smile or hold the elevator,” the story noted.

Residents are supported by a staff of 37 that includes 11 valets, porters and security personnel. For more than 45 years, Sierra Towers has provided a slice of heaven for the City of Angels.

Well-known Residents

Source: Hollywood (information may not be up-to-date.)