(L.A. Times photo)

(L.A. Times photo)

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the big things happening in downtown Los Angeles development. There are a slew of new apartments, hotels and stores going up in various downtown districts, but the “new frontier” is the South Gate section east of Staples Center.

The Times said South Gate “was dismissed for decades as an asphalt-laden wasteland,” but now at least six major construction projects are underway and more are in the planning stages. One developer said this is a time of “unprecedented activity.

“A tipping point has been reached,” said developer Matthew Burton, who is playing a lead role in the South Gate development.

The plan is ambitious—1,500 apartments on six sites bordered by Grand Avenue, 11th Street, Hill Street and Pico Boulevard. They would be linked by public walkways and there would be parklets throughout the community.

These are exciting times for downown Los Angeles, as it is being transformed into a viable place to live and work—which was virtually unheard of even a decade ago. Could this be a good time to invest in some of the thousands of new condominiums going up downtown? Perhaps.

“It’s becoming a real, happening city after work,” Burton told the Times. “It’s now a real option compared to the Westside, but there is a large lack of quality housing.”

It looks like that will be changing based on all the development projects now underway in downtown Los Angeles.