Los Angeles Magazine photo

Sierra Towers has long been a famous residential building for a variety of reasons, including the fact that at 31-stories high it is by far the tallest building in West Hollywood and surrounding areas. That will soon be changing, however, as several tall buildings are on the drawing board for Hollywood.

According to a story in Los Angeles Magazine, the skyline of Los Angeles will be changed drastically as high-rise projects are being planned at a number of locales. In downtown, the new Wilshire Grand Tower will stand 1,100 feet and will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. In Santa Monica, several hotel towers are in the planning stages that will each stand over 20 stories tall.

That brings us to Hollywood. Revisions to the Hollywood Community Plan has made way for several new tall building to be built, including the Millennium Hollywood residential towers. The two buildings, to be located near Capitol Records, will stand 39 and 35 stories, respectively. In addition, there are three other projects also underway that will rise at least 22 stories. They include the under-construction Sunset Gordon project, a new tower planned for the old CBS Studios site, and “a double-tower combo” located in the parking lots of the Hollywood Palladium.

Changes are certainly underway when it comes to the Los Angeles skyline. Many residents are critical of these changes, as they cite things like earthquake safety and more traffic problems with the increase in density. In fact, resident feedback helped reduce the Millennium Hollywood project by some 25 percent, according to Los Angeles Magazine.